Posted by Ron Dyck on Jul 11, 2018
Our President, Bill Rawlins in his first official capacity as President, opened the meeting this warm Wednesday morning with 22 Rotarians in attendance. Well done Bill!
Our Guests Was:
Leana Dunn (Jo’s Daughter); Irena, from Russia on a Business Experience Program with Sandy; Greg introduced Sandra, A Professional Occupational Therapist; Jim Bennett, President of the Rotary Club of Qualicum Beach
Two Minutes of Rotary did not go to well with Bill’s first technical glitch!  BE THE INSPIRATION! BUT you can watch the video he intended to share with us by clicking on the link:
Garry Cox spoke on the RCMP Musical Ride coming on Aug 20thand 21st. The 4H club will do the “cleanup” after, a professional photographer will be on site, radio ads have been purchased. On AUGUST 18 AT 2 PM  a site inspection by all participants.  John O’Brien, Co Chair has done a job list.
Arthur Wong advised at Beachfest 2018 and we will have the sessions on July 14, July 24, Aug 02 and August 12th
Gord Svenson reminded us of the GO Cart event on July 15 at about noon. Let him know if you are going and how many persons will attend.
Bill Rawlins, our esteemed President, wants every Rotarian to join a committee and has passed a sheet around.
Lynne Pearson advised on our Foundation commitments that we met all goals!!!! Annual Fund $6500 US; Polio Plus $1000 from Club over achieved, from the members goal of $1000. AND 100% donations from all members!!!!
Jo Dunn made a motion the club match the district grant of about $5000 on the Mexico Project be approved. PASSED. The motion will be included in the Executive Meeting Minutes for the August 8, 2018 meeting.
Steve Alexander-Pope, our Treasurer, presented our budget for 2018-2019. It was moved and PASSED.The motion will be included in the Executive Meeting Minutes for the August 8, 2018 meeting.
Our Sergeant-at-Arms this morning was no other than our Past President, Helen Dyck, who efficiently empties the pockets of the attending Rotarians.
Birthdays:  Sadly no birthdays or anniversaries this week but watch out for July 25th, our next meeting.
Announcement: Picnic at Rathtrevor on August 18 starting at 2. Further details to follow.
Next meeting is July 25, 2018
Respectively submitted by Ron Dyck