Posted by Ron Dyck on May 11, 2018
Our President, Helen Dyck, opened the meeting this warm Wednesday morning with 16 Rotarians in attendance.
Our Guest Was:
Craig Gill, Our District Governor Elect for 2018-2019
Guest Speaker presentation:
Craig Gillis DGE spoke on his adventure into the role of District Governor. He started this journey about 2.5 years ago and did not realize the full adventure at the beginning but now has a much fuller understanding of Rotary. He is a  member of  the Rotary Club of Campbell River Daybreak.
Presentations: (this meeting was a business meeting):
Garry Cox spoke on the RCMP Musical Ride. He is looking for entertainment. The parking will be handled by the Vancouver Island Compassion Dog Association. Tickets will be available soon and posters going up.
Arthur Wong advised at Beachfest 2018 we will have the sessions on July 14, July 24, Aug 02 and August 12th. A meeting on June 19 will provide full details to those in charge of each session. Arthur will attend this and is asking for one more person to join him.
Diana Matsuda will circulate via email to each member detailing the streamlining of the Recyclers. Watch your email for this and respond to Diana.
Gord Svenson discussed our storage woes.  We pay about 120 per month and a new site is only $87. At Kingsley Trucking. 
John O`Brien advised the Lions Breakfast was a success and netted us about $500. Knox church`s fall fair is set for mid September and again was per last year we will put up a booth.
Feeding the Lions!
On a sad note, our former member, Darryl Craig is ill and we need to keep and his family in our thoughts and prayers.
On June 3rdat 2:30 PM, the Celebration of Life for Dr John Hancock will be held at the Parksville Community Centre. Dr Hancock is the father of our STEP students Spencer and Carter
Birthdays:  Lynne Pearson and Elaine Young
Anniversaries:  Sandra and Gill Herle, SSteve and Grace Alexander-Pope, Gorndon and Lois Elliott
Next meeting is May 23rd
Respectively submitted by Ron Dyck