This morning Aaron Kana from the Calgary Crowchild club visited the club, enjoyed the eggs benedict and hopefully left the meeting with an appreciation of the work Diana puts into the club web site.
Two minutes of Rotary was abbreviated slightly by Ray who announced that the US government is adding $205 million in the drive to eradicate polio.  The total the US has contributed over the campaign amounts to approximately $2.3 billion.  Despite everyone’s efforts, polio persists in war zones and remote tribal areas.  However the campaign is “this close” and we will continue to sustain our efforts and support.
Don’t forget the District 5020 Conference is scheduled for May 2 through 4 in Whistler.  Speak with President Bruce if you are attending.

Diana with the expert assistance from Cara and Arthur led a training session on navigating the club web site.  The instruction included a hand out so if you cannot remember how to get to the web site, you can always refer to the printed guide provided.  

If you have questions regarding the site, passwords, logging in etc. check with Diana or Cara – They have the answers. The site contains current information about the club, its activities, membership, committees etc.  Check it out; it is a web site and nearly impossible to break!

Gary scored many laughs with his joke – well done!