President Bruce punctually started the meeting and observed a cloud in the sky; nope, it was dirty windows!  Bruce plans to arrive at 5 am to polish windows during his “reign of terror”.

We had an enthusiastic group of 22 Rotarians along with a younger crowd of visitors as we celebrated the return of RYE Alannah Jimmo from her Brazil exchange.  Guests included visiting Rotarian Teresa Patterson and her daughter Brittany; Alannah and her parents Charlene Jimmo and Darin Brown; RYE student Cookie Schworan (who will do her presentation to the Club in August); Ballenas Scholarship winners Daniel Prince and Andrew Kim with parents Dan Prince and Joanne Kim; and Dylan Hale, grandson of Ron and Helen Dyck.

Jo provided an educational review of the Rotary Youth Services program both locally and across the Rotary world.  Over 8,000 exchange students annually visit 80 countries with this amazing organization.  For 75 years, young people have left the safety of their home to venture forth and become engaged in a new country with new customs, currency, food and language.

Alannah Jimmo was our guest speaker and reflected upon many things she did while in Brazil.  She enjoyed three host families and travelled in Brazil and neighboring countries.  Her first school was likely the best in her city with a lot of exchange students.  She made many friends, but then requested to move to a second school at the start of the next school year.  This was approved and she joined a more typical school that had never had an exchange student.  Here she also made many friends.  Her sponsoring Rotary Club consisted of 100% men.  This club also sponsored a second exchange student who became friends with Alannah.  One of her host fathers belonged to a club that allowed Alannah to attend several meetings.  Many of our members remembered a quiet shy gal before she left but now we see a confident young lady with exciting plans for the future that include travel and perhaps architecture.  Stay tuned!


Both of our scholarship winners spoke of their future educational plans.  Andrew Kim explained that his plans include enrollment at the University of Toronto in the Engineering Science discipline.  Daniel Prince plans to attend VIU in September in the Information Technology Applied Systems diploma program.   Both students expressed their appreciation for the scholarships.

The announcements included:

  • A shout out for more volunteers at the Musical Ride; contact Lynne. 
  • A letter was received from the Wildlife Recovery Centre thanking us for an amazing day with over 600 family visitors touring the facilities.  We were invited to “do it again” next year! 
  • On a sad note, Bruce announced that Irene Mark continues to be health challenged and has asked to be removed from the current list of Rotarians.  She needs to step back and get stronger.  Kindly keep in contact with Irene; she has been very good to our Club as Treasurer.  We will miss her.
  • Rotary Area 2A BBQ on July 31st needs a few volunteers for the day to help with the set up.  Give Bruce a call.
  •  Any bills from last year need to be turned in to John.  We do an annual cutoff on June 30th to show how each year went.  Please give him a call.
  • A brief Executive meeting was held following the meeting, with unanimous approval to send $1000 to the Rotary Club of Calgary in support of the many families who lost their homes and belongings during the flood.

Gordon Elliott could not wipe the grin off his face as he won the 50/50 of $22.  However, the SERGEANT (Mr Dewar) was in fine form and lightened both Gord’s pockets and those of most of the other members.  The rumor is Bashir was ill after spending time with Ian at a bar.  It seems he was “winged” at the OK corral as he tried to fine a cowboy.  This is Ian’s version; can’t wait to hear Bashir’s version!

If you made it to the end of this report, good for you.  Let me know next week.