There were 24 members in attendance this morning, and one guest - Buddy Williams, our guest speaker who will be telling us about the Parksville Museum and Archives.

President Jo led off the meeting by reading a thank you note from his wife Sandy, expressing appreciation for the basket sent by the Club following her eye surgery, with special mention of her "Rotary Angel", John O'Brien.

There were a number of announcements as follows:

  • Installation will be held either June 5 or 12 and will be an evening meeting in lieu of our early morning breakfast.  More details to follow shortly.
  • Ron Dyck has sent an email to all members with copies of the nomination forms for community and member Vocational Awards.  Please consider submitting a nomination.
  • Gord Elliott advised the members that we have once again been accepted as volunteer ambassadors for BeachFest.  He will be recruiting volunteers.
  • The North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre Family Day will be held June 22.  We are still looking for volunteers for this event - please let Jo know.
  • Ray Walker has tickets for the RCMP Musical Ride.  There will be three shows.  Please let him know if you would like tickets.  These can also be booked online at:  Cara MacDonald has posters and rack cards to promote this event - please contact her if you are able to help distribute them in the community.
  • Greg Greenshields announced that the Oceanside Accessibility Committee will be holding a fundraising dinner on June 7.  Tickets are $40 and funds raised will be used to support meaningful inclusion of people with disabilities.  Tickets can be purchased at Life Support and Mulberry Bookstore.
  • Bruce Huxtable reported that his records show the following members have had perfect attendance over the past year: Ian Dewar, Jo Dunn, Helen Dyck, Peter Hann, Cara MacDonald, Lynne Pearson and Ray Walker.  If you feel you have been missed from this list, please get in touch with Bruce.
  • Bruce also asked members to sign up for the year-end barbeque at Welch Park.  Tickets are $10 apiece.
  • President Jo advised the members that the recipients of funds from Taste of Oceanside - BLT and Project Amigo - will be invited to the Club for formal cheque presentations.  The value of associating our fundraisers with the recipients of funds will be discussed at length in the future.

John O'Brien delivered "Two Minutes of Rotary" this morning, choosing to focus on one of the six clubs in Zone 2A.  The Port Alberni Arrowsmith Club has some interesting fundraising ideas, including the Last Chance Diamond Mine Fundraiser and the Ping Pong Ball Stampede.  Funds raised have gone to such projects as a dragon boat, the Tall Ships, a viewing platform on the Somass River, and a childrens' playground.  John particularly likes the Paul Harris quote featured on the Port Alberni Arrowsmith website: "If you have love for your fellow man in your heart my friend, you are a potential Rotarian."  He offered to drive a group of Rotarians up to a meeting in Port Alberni one morning.

Our guest speaker this morning was Buddy Williams, President of the Parksville Museum and Archives.  Retired from a career at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Buddy found that museums were "in his blood" and he just couldn't resist the opportunity to lend his talents to an organization that allowed him to continue his passion for "opening shoeboxes full of memories".  As a community museum, the Parksville Museum is run by a historical society and was first named the Craig Heritage Park and Museum in honour of one of Parksville's early settlers and entrepreneurs, James Craig.  For marketing purposes, the facility is in the process of re-branding itself with the name Parksville Museum and  Archives.


With a slideshow as back-up, Buddy highlighted a number of buildings at the Museum, providing interesting anecdotes about the French Creek Post Office, Knox Heritage Church, Craig's Auto Camp, and the McMillan House.  His philosophy of historical interpretation is that the buildings should speak for themselves, showing how people would have lived at the time without the intrusion of labels and other explanatory materials.  They should offer visitors a "snapshop in time".  Future plans for the exhibits include the addition of sensory experiences such as sounds and fragrances.  Buddy also expressed his belief that as Parksville is changing, the Museum must also change to reflect and be representative of the community.  It should be participatory and inclusive so it truly becomes "our" community museum.  Buddy noted that finances are always an issue when trying to implement change, and he drew attention to the fact that Museum memberships are good value at $10/year for individuals and $25/year for families.  Bruce Huxtable thanked Buddy with a certificate stating that 10 children had been immunized against polio in his name.


As a follow-up to the presentation two weeks ago by Rya and Lana Harach, John O'Brien made a motion that the Club sponsor the 4-H Junior Camp this summer to an amount of $500.  The motion was seconded by Cara MacDonald and carried unanimously.

The 50/50 of $22 was won by Diana Matsuda who donated $12 to the Foundation and $10 to the purchase of a membership at the Parksville Museum and Archives, urging others to do the same.  Cara MacDonald told a very funny joke, followed by another one by Don Tardiff. Happy Dollars included one for Sandy and Gil Herle's 25th anniversary, Buddy's talk, and various transgressions by the members.  Kay Burgoyne confessed that she and Bill were married in Knox United Church on its original site, after which Bruce Huxtable made a reference to artifacts which prompted much hilarity.  In response, Kay quipped "you will all get there"!