This week’s meeting with 26 in attendance was kicked off with Jo Dunn leading us in song with the national anthem which flowed into Ken Armstrong’s invocation . As this was the first meeting of the month Peter Hann provided us the lead for our 4 way test which for the things we think, say or do:
  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Guests in attendance at today’s meeting were Sandy & Mary-Lou Wightman from the Semiahmoo Rotary Club who presented our club with a banner from their club and in return after a bit of a search (as our club’s banner was hidden) Bruce Huxtable presented a banner from our club in return.
2 minutes of Rotary was presented by Gord Elliott who was later fined as his 2 minutes was more like 1 minute of Rotary. Gord Elliott gave a summary of Beachfest 2014 and passed around a list of 9 dates where we need 6 or 7 volunteers for 4 hours per shift or if we can get more volunteers we can break up the 4 hour shifts into 2 hour shifts. Spouses and family are more than welcome to participate. This year’s Beachfest has less charities manning the event which means we should see higher revenues from our participation. 
On the program this week was our business meeting and the following is a summary from each committee.
For Community Services Greg Greenshields presented to the group that they had met with Renata Sutherland of the SOS and Major norm of the Salvation Army with regards to the Community Kitchen and the date has been set for September 27. More information to come in the near future.
Garry Cox presented on behalf of Youth Services that our focus continues to be short term exchange students (if the school still exists in September!!!) and how we’ll get them to actively participate as well as an Interact Club. More to come as we’ll see what happens in the new school year.
On behalf of the Membership Committee Kirk Walper presented a new strategy which their group is working on which is to use e-clubs to drive membership and engagement with new and past members who want to continue being a part of our community even though they might have moved afar.
Lynne Pearson on behalf of the International & Foundation Committees updated the club with information that the district grant for the water and education project in Haiti has already been submitted. Submission to the mid-island group will shortly be underway as their application is in a different format. Lynne also presented to the group that she will be presenting to the Executives a proposal to donate $200 to Aldea Maya in Guatemala to promote art there. In closing Lynne Pearson also notified everyone that Don Luke will be sending out a note to everyone for a push to drive up our Foundation donation totals from our current position of #5 for the Deans Peggs award.
Ray Walker’s presentation for the Vocational Service Committee was short and sweet and that they are already strategizing for next year.
Bob Cummings presenting for Public Relations was preparing for next year’s activities.
For Administration John O’Brien updated the group with regards to upcoming presentations as well as asked for all concerned to ensure their expenses are submitted as soon as possible to ensure we can allocate these expenses to the correct financial year.
Bruce’s note was that next Tuesday’s Executive meeting is at the Chrysler Boardroom. In addition, next Wednesday’s meeting (depending on the weather) could be outside on the Pacific Prime patio or in the Sand Dollar Room. Please check the meeting signage when you arrive next Wednesday and if it’s sunny don’t forget your sunglasses!
Jo Dunn had an additional note for everyone which is that there will be a vocational students check presentation next week.
Sandy Wightman visiting from Whiterock presented the Joke of the Week and was lucky that Ian Dewar found it funny!!!
Ian Dewar our Sergeant In Arms (yes, I spellchecked!!!) again did marvellously with fines and is well on his way to exceed his budget!!!
Mention was made that we missed Tracy Greenshield’s birthday last week but she avoided the groups’ fantastic rendition of “Happy Birthday” which we all sang for Eric Walper whose birthday it was yesterday (May 27). Happy Birthday Eric & Tracy!!!
Next week’s meeting: Sunyani Group, Ghana