There were 23 members in attendance this morning, joined by five guests: Rya and Lana Harach, our guest speakers; Denise Whitson, mother of our guest speakers; Bev Birchard, soon-to-be new member; and Billie Lutz-Brown from The Beach Club.

Jo Dunn returned to the President's chair, reporting that Sandy's surgery went well and thanking the Club for the good wishes and gift basket.  There were a number of announcements as follows:

  • Martin Ketteringham reported that he will be leaving Parksville at the end of June to take up a ministry in Vancouver.  Although everyone was sad to hear he will be leaving, the members were all relieved and happy that Martin's health scare has had a positive result.
  • President Jo advised the members that scholarship submissions to the Club from Ballenas Secondary School were reviewed and our recommendations submitted to Ballenas for final selection.  He expressed thanks to Helen Dyck, Bruce Huxtable and Bill Rawlins for assisting in the selection process.
  • We have been asked by the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre to once again run the concession and parking at their annual Family Day on June 22.  A recommendation from the Executive will be presented next week.
  • Rotary aprons - there are many missing and they have to be rationed during our events.  Everyone was asked to check at home and see if they have any to return.
  • Lynne Pearson reported that Taste of Oceanside was a huge success, raising a total of $11,251.44.  Of this amount, 10% will go to Administration and the remainder will be donated to our identified projects.  There will be a formal Evaluation Report coming soon.
  • Ron Dyck reminded members of the upcoming Vocational Service Awards, one for a Club member and one for a member of the community.  Nomination forms were left on the tables to be filled out, or you can email Ron directly.
  • Garry Cox announced that there will be a Short Term Exchange Program student coming to Parksville at the end of July.  His name is Nicholas De Vere; he is 16 years old and comes from Belgium. This is a one-way exchange only; there will be no return student from our area.  Nicholas will be staying with Garry and Linda Cox for a month, and all members were encouraged to include him in their summer plans and help him to experience Oceanside and Vancouver Island.

Our guest speakers this morning were two delightful young ladies: Rya (age 12) and Lana (age 14) Harach who spoke to the Club about the Vancouver Island 4-H Junior Camp.  Rya told of her experiences at Junior Camp, finding it to be a great experience for new and returning members, fostering teamwork and leadership skills.  Lana read a sponsorship letter for this year's camp which will be held in July on Denman Island.  At this camp there will be 40-60 4H members aged 9-12 years.  The camp has been running for 20 years, but has just lost a major sponsor, leaving them with a $3000 deficit.  Any help would be appreciated. 

The girls fielded many questions from the members, proving to be excellent ambassadors for the ideals of 4-H, an organization that strives to help young people become productive and self assured adults, "learning to do by doing".  They were thanked for their presentation by Ken Armstrong, a former 4-H member himself.


Bruce Huxtable led in the election of a Club officer.  As Martin Ketteringham will be leaving the Club and thus no longer able to fill the position of Incoming President, Diana Matsuda was nominated as a replacement.  The motion, made by Bruce Huxtable, seconded by John O'Brien was carried.  We will now need a Secretary and Webmaster for the 2013-14 year.  Please let Bruce know if you are interested.

The 50/50 of $25 was won by Bashir El Khalafawi who donated his winnings to the Foundation.  There were many Happy and Sad dollars, including Sad for Martin's leaving and for the Canucks, and Happy for Rya and Lana's presentation and for Taste of Oceanside.  Of special note was the recent honour of a Teaching Award bestowed on John O'Brien by Thompson Rivers University.  Congratulations John!

Greg Greenshields told his joke at the end of the meeting, thus escaping the Sargeant's attention.