There were 18 members in attendance this morning, the meeting held in the Sand Dollar room upstairs.  We were joined by prospective member Vic Andrushko, guest speakers Joan Ryan Executive Director of Nanaimo Lifeline and Ken Neden a fellow Rotarian with Qualicum Beach Sunrise and a member of the Arrowsmith Search & Rescue team.  
Ray Walker started us off with the Anthem, and John O’Brien with our Rotary Grace.  
Two Minutes of Rotary, eloquently given by Peter Hann, was on “Crowd Funding”, alternately called Crowd Financing, Equity Compounding and Crowd-sourced fund raising, and is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.  Crowd Funding is used in support of a wide range of activities, including disaster relief, citizen journalism, support of artists by fans, political campaigns, start-up company funding, motion picture promotions, free software development, inventions development, scientific research and civic projects, such as those undertaken by Rotarians.  
Rotary Clubs are always looking for money to fund their projects, and in the past we often raised funds by asking members to donate to support specific goals, but times have changed.  The new approach is “Crowd Funding”, an approach that channels the collective effort of individuals in supporting efforts by other people or organizations. The Rotary Club of Strathcona Sunrise, Comox Valley, to support a project in Mexico, created an example of this initiative.  Cabo Corrientes is a very poor area south of Puerto Vallarta, which needs help in building toilets, refurbishing schools and providing school bus transportation so children can attend schools.  This project saw their Club working with four other Rotary Clubs from Central V.I. to build four latrine blocks, which will largely be funded by Districts Community Grants.  Rotary will also be donating a bus for the handicapped, an ambulance and a couple of utility vehicles.  
You may view their project at  The site will be published in the Sunriser.  It is an eye-opener, not just for the visuals, but for a first-hand look at Crowd Funding.  
President Bruce announced there would not be a  meeting at the Beach Club on Wed. Oct. 30th.  Instead we will be going to the Qualicum Sunrise meeting on Tues.  October 29th.  
Cara MacDonald reminded us that Coats for Kids volunteers are needed and a sign- up sheet was posted for the project. .  
John O’Brien reported that he and Eric Wolper had visited the P.Alberni Rotary AM Club held at the Hospitality Inn.  Their Club has 23 members, their chair is rotated each meeting, they have 4 events each year, they do not hold a 50/50 draw nor do they have a Sgt. so……… no fines are levied.  
Noted that Oct. 9th meeting our District Governor Pete Taylor and his wife Kristine, will be visiting our Club.  Pete is a Rotarian with the Tacoma #8 Rotary Club.
A reminder that Q.B. Sunrise Club is conducting their “Roses from Rotary” project, (area from Deep Bay to Nanaimo)  $30 per dozen, to be delivered the middle of October.  
Ray Walker introduced our guest speakers, Joan Ryan Executive Director Nanaimo Lifeline and  Ken Neden  President of Arrowsmith Search & Rescue, both representing Project Lifesaver, a Personal Response and Support Service.  
Project Lifesaver is a program for those that suffer from Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Downs or other related disorders and are prone to wandering.  Wandering is a reality for caregivers.  A person with a cognitive condition who becomes lost is a critical emergency.  They may not be aware of their situation and may not call out for help or respond to others who call out to them.  
Clients enrolled in the Project Lifesaver program wear a small Personal Locator Unit on their wrist or ankle that emits a radio signal.  If the client wanders, trained search teams track the signal to locate loved ones.  
In 2012, Arrowsmith Search & Rescue partnered with the Finding Forrest Foundation to offer this valuable program to the Parksville/Qualicum area.  Nanaimo Lifeline Program looks after client management for Project Lifesaver .
This service cannot be provided to clients living alone, the client must live with a caregiver.  Cost is $300 for personal wrist/ankle locator unit and $25 per month.    
Projects Lifesaver technology can help decrease the chance of fatalities and injuries and reduce search time from days to hours or minutes.
Cara MacDonald thanked Ken and Joan.
50/50 was won by Kay Burgoyne, and the $19 was donated to Project Lifeline.  
Jo Dunn provided us with the laugh of the day with his “anecdotal” comedy show.  Well done.
Secret Sergeant-at-Arms Gord Elliott very ably fined many.