We were delighted to see our “old” friend Major Dan Roode and to welcome Major Norman Hamelin as a prospective member, as 21 members joined for fun and frolic.  Gordon kicked off the meeting with "2 minutes of Rotary" and cited an early edition of the Sunriser.  He had us all laughing at the joke included in the edition.

Bruce announced that the Victoria Rotary club is planning to celebrate its 100th year on Nov 15th at the Union Club.  Garry mentioned that the Tour de Rock group will be in Parksville Sept 26th.  We also heard that the Tracy and Greg continue to recover slowly from a car accident.

Kay brought in her “Spirit of Rotary” plaque that was beautifully designed by Bill Helin.

John presented the Annual Budget in a lively green colour.  The Executive had approved the document and the members were supportive.  The success with the Musical Ride and Beachfest has set us up nicely for the year.

Today was a business meeting for the groups to plan and scheme the future.  The energy in the room was amazing.  Each group summarized their plans with the members. 

Ron and Bob had birthdays and Bruce & Vicki had an anniversary.  Cara had a big smile as well.  Our Sergeants continue to molest our change.  I am sure they have collected the entire year’s budget already!


Next week we hear from Ron Dyck on Youth Exchange.  Don’t miss it!!