A new version of Club Runner will soon be released, enabling a more flexible and user-friendly website environment.  As it will now be possible to make our pages more attractive and dynamic, we would like to have some Club input on what you would like to see on our website.  What types of information would make it more valuable to you?  Please submit your suggestions to Diana Matsuda, and we will try to incorporate as many as we possibly can.

We also think it is time for a new website banner.  The photo currently used in our banner does show our beautiful landscape, but it is was taken on a dull cloudy day and we think there are other photos that would show our beautiful community to better advantage. In order to introduce a little friendly competition into our search for the "perfect photo", the Executive has approved a photo contest, the winner receiving the honour of having their photograph featured on our website, along with a free breakfast and a Rotary theme pin.

Please submit your photos by June 30 to Diana at dianamatsuda@shaw.ca