Rotary Team Mexico: Day 2

With thanks to Team members Jane Walker, Diane Luke and Bill Rawlins for taking the time at the end of each exhausting day to supply write-ups and photos so we can all share in this experience.

Today was a busy one as we were anticipating a storm late afternoon.  There was lots of work completed on the roof and, with luck, we hope to finish it tomorrow. There were challenges with nonstandard dimensional materials and constant wind and blowing sand. Electrical is proceeding well as is the smooth coating of the interior walls. The bathroom cinder block walls are almost finished.

This afternoon, three of us went to an after school program (Oasis) which is one of the organizations that will be occupying the centre we are working to finish. Oasis is an educational after-school program which provides a safe environment for kids ages 4 to 16 to receive education, mentoring, nutrition, and love.  There are 100 children enrolled in the program and a growing wait list.

Oasis describes the rationale for an after-school program as follows: Many elementary and middle school students get out of school at 12:30 pm, leaving them alone and unattended until their parents get home from work later in the evening.  This is a very vulnerable window of time when kids are at risk and could get into some kind of trouble or danger.  The neighbourhood where Oasis is located is full of negative influences tempting children into lives of delinquency, substance abuse, vandalism and gangs.  Oasis exists to provide a safe environment for kids during this window of time so they can experience healthy and positive influences.  Additionally, Oasis provides tutoring and one-on-one attention for kids who are behind grade level, struggle to to their homework, or who have parents who are not capable of helping them.
We are expecting heavy rain but it won't dampen our enthusiasm for completing the project!  And even when the weather is bad, there is still lots of work to do.  Louise has brought sewing machines and there are others that need work.  There are lots of jobs in the compound, the trade centre and supply room.
And the food is amazing! Teresa and her girls are looking after us so well!  We always look forward to coming home to a delicious Mexican meal at the end of the day.
Be sure to keeping checking back for updates - every day brings new adventures and surprises!