Rotary Team Mexico: Day 3

With thanks to Team members Jane Walker, Diane Luke and Bill Rawlins for taking the time at the end of each exhausting day to supply write-ups and photos so we can all share in this experience.
The anticipated storm hit us last night with lots of rain and high winds . One of the sleeping quarters was flooded; good thing it was Bill, Jo, and Garry who got wet! With the sun shining again, Joyce Wright works with Elias, one of our local experts.
Today we worked in the Trade Centre at the compound, moving and cleaning equipment, constructing work tables, and sorting supplies.  Below Jo Dunn looks none the worse for his sleepless night!
At the build site a crew was working on drywalling, wiring, and roofing (when the sun came out!).  Don Luke and Ray Walker practice their wiring skills below
As well, there are lots of small jobs to keep us busy if we all can't be at the build site.
Louise was repairing some sewing machines, and others were clearing and sorting donations.
We finished the day with delicious enchiladas made by our fabulous cooks!