Rotary Team Mexico: Day 5

With thanks to Team members Jane Walker, Diane Luke and Bill Rawlins for taking the time at the end of each exhausting day to supply write-ups and photos so we can all share in this experience.
We woke up to the sun rising over the mountains and it was the start of a beautiful day. The heat dried out the mud and roads and allowed us to accomplish much more than the previous two days of rain.  Photo above shows Bill Rawlins sifting sand with his enthusiastic helper.
We almost completed sheeting of the roof, drywalled one side of the long interior hallway wall, and all but finished the smooth coating of the interior walls. Electrical is progressing well with installation of circuits and switches.  Photo below shows sheeting of the roof during which the OSB is screwed to the steel rafters.
At the building trade centre, several people finished up the work benches, hung racks for various woodworking tools, made a scrap box for spare lumber, a stand for a tool chest, and a stool so everyone can use the drill press.  Photos below shows some of our organizational handiwork.

This was our best day working toward project completion. We are looking forward to the next three building days in  the Mexican sun.
Below are Maria and Anna who run the seniors gathering place and are currently using a building next door to our build site. They are looking forward to soon being in their new kitchen and dining room.