Rotary Team Mexico: Day 8

With thanks to Team members Jane Walker, Diane Luke and Bill Rawlins for taking the time at the end of each exhausting day to supply write-ups and photos so we can all share in this experience.
A highlight this morning was a chance to visit the kindergarten we built last year. Jo mounted the Rotary sign above the main door.

We were so impressed with the fabulous condition of the buildings and grounds and improvements that have been made in the last year.  We were pleased to see the beautiful tiled floor which, although we did not install it ourselves, was made possible through Rotary donations.
There has even been an outdoor stage and pad, complete with lights, added on the kindergarten site since we were there last year.
Back at the site it was a paint and dry walling day. The outside walls are now a lovely blue. Inside, work is continuing on drywalling, mudding, and taping. The electrical is all installed, tested, and working!
The large kitchen cupboards are installed, much to the delight of the staff.
Two days of rain have caused delays in completion of roofing, drywalling, and interior painting. It's the largest project undertaken by Live Different in Mexico and we are doing our best to complete as much as we can!