Rotary Team Mexico: Mission Accomplished

Rotary Team Mexico are on their way home after completing their mission to contribute to the building of a Community Centre in the northern Baja, Mexico.  While undoubtedly tired and a bit worse for wear, they are surely feeling a huge sense of accomplishment and a feeling of satisfaction that they have made a difference in the lives of many in the community of Vicente Guerrero.
And since Rotarians never quit until the job is done, then the job must be done.  Well done Team!
For more about their last day on the job ...
Much more drywalling was done, and a second coat of paint was applied in the banos, dining area and classrooms.
Luncheon was a celebration at the site. Rotarians and Live Different staff served pizzas to the local community which was a very popular choice with both children and adults. A  short dedication ceremony was held after lunch, with Maria, Carly and a young lawyer present on behalf of The Seniors Centre and Oasis.
We did a lot of cleanup in the afternoon and continued with odd jobs. Back at the Trade Centre, a very substantial deck for the front door was planned and built. It is ready for a set of stairs to be added.