Rotary Team Mexico on the Job Site!

Rotary Team Mexico has arrived in Vicente Guerrero for their third annual Live Different Builds project.  This is a unique collaboration between Live Different and two organizations from the local community who are working to build a community centre which will provide a meeting place for both senior citizens and children of the Zapata area.
The local government has also stepped up to provide up to 120 meals a day for expectant mothers, seniors and children.  The first stage of construction is almost complete, and a kitchen and dining hall have been built.  The desire to meet the needs of the community has led to a second part of this project which is the construction of three classrooms where children will have the opportunity to be mentored and helped with their education. 
Enter Rotary Club of Parksville AM, with family and friends, who are in the process of building these classrooms.
February 16 was Day 1, and the group will continue working for the next 10 days.  Photos below show the self described "motley crew" on the job. The ladies were taught how to stucco, with Felipe as their instructor, while the men were working on the roofing and electrical. In the afternoon they were dry-walling the ceiling, and building the framing for the three new rooms.
Updates of this project will be posted daily.  Be sure to check back regularly and share these reports of Rotary making a difference in the world!