Attendees, members, guests:
21 Members in attendance
1 Guest: Arthur Wong, GM The Beach Club
Two minutes of Rotary:
John O’Brien: December is Family Month: Build Trust by following through with promises. Show Commitment by sharing traditions, making time for family events and making sacrifices for one another. Communicate by talking to eachother about important decisions, day-to-day activities, school and work. Strong families cool down after disagreements before responding by talking about possible solutions to problems by working together. Grow Through Crisis by learning from bad experiences realizing that good can come out of the most stressful circumstances. Spend Time Together talking, reading, playing, walking, cooking etc. Special times involving closeness include reading a bed-time story or tucking your child into bed with a kiss. Have fun as a family by making plans together for family trips and parties. Humour and laughter are important to help reduce stress. Show love and affection, children need to know that they are loved. Show that you care by saying “I love you” or “I’m happy we’re in this family together”. Give hugs and show affection in other small ways. Enjoy remembering family stories.
Executive Officer Elections 2013 – 2014 (Ray Walker executed proceedings):
President – Diana Matsuda
President Elect – Garry Cox
Vice President – Helen Dyck
Secretary – Cara MacDonald
Treasurer – John O’Brien
Committee Chair will be elected at a future date, no later than the end of January 2014
20th Anniversary of our Club is in September 2014. Diana is setting up committee to organize it.
NIRWA has an opportunity to get $100,000 from the Aviva Community Fund. The link is on our website. Vote everyday till December 11 once you are registered/ logged in.
Executive passed a motion at the December 3, 2013 meeting that “the Rotary Club of Parksville AM match all donations to the Salvation Army kettles on the 2 days our club is scheduled to do collections (December 7 & 14) – unanimously passed by club vote. CARRIED.
Kettle roster – Jo will resend volunteer list for confirmation. We start this Saturday. Let him know today if you can’t make it as he is out of town Thursday and Friday. Be there (5) minutes before, you will be met by your kettle captain. Wembley mall can be set up inside. Signage is provided by the Salvation Army on top of kettle. Major Norm will double check on that to make sure. Wear rotary gear but keep warm.
Christmas party – Jo is providing email a list of categories for food sign up for the potluck. Gift exchange: bring a wrapped gift of no more than $10 value. There are no street lights in neighbourhood, so please don’t park on the other side of the road in the corner as it can be very dangerous. You can park in the beach access one lot over or along Mariner on the water side of the street. There are (36) potential attendees so far. We will still have our regular meeting next week.
Morgan our server is leaving to Arizona to take his commercial pilots license training. Please bring a dollar to send him off with next week.
Summary of guest presentation or business meeting:
Administration – lots of speakers lined up: Jaqueline Russell (former and prospective member) on December 11th (Entrepreneurial Series); Bronwyn Brown, Career Centre, Literacy and ESL Settlement Assistance Program (Service Series) on January 15th, 2014; Peter McCully, PQB News (Entrepreneurial Series) on January 22, 2014; Andy Telfer and Jane Williams, SOS Better at Home Program (Service Series) on February 26, 2014. . For the upcoming year they are discussing the value of having a co-chair in this role to support a new member or new appointment to the position.
Vocational – Retired for the year, after October nothing going on right now. They are looking towards the Spring for initiatives.
Membership – Survey positive good responses and (13) names for new members. If you haven’t filled out the survey please do so. Ian talked about a buddy system that was used in the past that they will look in to reinstating for new members.
New Generations – Interact Club at Springwood has stalled. As a Plan B they are planning thinking about a community Interact Club for all the kids in the area rather than one school. A new idea for youth involvement will be proposed to the executive to see if it flies.
Community Service – One letter received from BLT for funds, but as we gave them $3000 in June we thought it was a generic letter. It will be nice to have Tracy and Greg back. They have relapsed physically lately.
Foundation – Lynne and Don attended a (9) hour Foundations/ Global Grant seminar. We are doing well, but keep donations coming in as you’re thinking about what you’re doing for this tax year. Go to website to donate.
International – The club really needs to do some strategic planning; do we want to get involved in a major international project with other 2A clubs?, do we want to go after a district grant?, do we want to support previous club initiatives like Sunyani? We need to plan for next year. We would like anyone interested to be involved. There will be a meeting set up on one of the following dates: Jan 14, 16 or 23 for an open meeting to discuss in the evening.
50/50, birthdays, anniversaries:
No birthdays or anniversaries, but Dec 3rd marks the anniversary of the 20-year anniversary since the very first Rotary Club of Parksville AM meeting. A round of applause for our charter members!
Next weeks meeting:
Jaqueline Russell, Entrepreneurial Series