The Sargent of Arms tried to delay the meeting by talking with the President but it didn’t work.
19 members, in attendance with no guests.   Tracy is back!!!!!!
Member meeting;  Gary has agreed to approach  Lise Leget.
Taste of Oceanside: tickets are moving, get out and sell yours, if not bring them back next week.
Get posters out.
Two minutes of Rotary Don called in sick so President Bruce read part of an Email from Bill Rawlins thanking the club and members for the donations last week it was very emotional.
We received a letter from Daniel Prince a recipient of a scholarship who let us know what is happening in his life.
Gary Cox and Helen Dyck gave a overview of Youth protection as mandated by Rotary International.
Most of it is common sense about behavior around youth, either through Rotary or life.  If involved with youth and you learn something concerning abuse or harassment you must let our youth protection officers know, at the very least.  If in the Schools, you must also let the school know.

We were reminded that jokes at the meeting where youth are in attendance should pass the grandmother test.  We don’t need to worry as ours have to pass the Kay test.
In you behavior and talk make sure it is appropriate for youth.
Cara thanked Gary, Helen and Ron for their dedication.
50/50 $17.00 was won by President Bruce who gave it to the foundation.
Kirk had a trio of cute jokes from Lexes joke book.
The sergeant picked on Kirk, Bruce, and many others.  Who knew 293 ways to make change for a loonie.
Norm is chairing the Men’s Wellness committee and needs members.  John O and Angela volunteered to help.
Next weeks meeting: Michelle Stilwell, MLA - Sports and Politics