Dave Sampson - Oceanside Auto Appraisers Ltd.
ALS Walk 2016: Sunday, June 5, 2016. Registration starts at 11:00AM, the walk starts at noon. Diana and Massey Matsuda will cook up the hotdogs. Don Goyan and Gord Svenson will set up the tent.
Foundation: Lynne wants to remind us that the end of our Rotary year is June 30 and we need to meet our goals by then. We were aiming for $1000 to Polio Plus and have raised over $4000. We committed to $4500 to the Annual fund and are almost there. We are short about $450US. If you can donate please do so by Mid-June and let Lynne know. We are also aiming for EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) and are short by (6) members. Remember, even just purchasing a pack of Foundation Bucks counts as a contribution. Lynne also wants to remind us that if we make a lump sum donation the Club will add recognition points towards your Paul Harris status.
Garage Sale: Gord Svenson wants to thank everyone who came out to help and would like to recognize Don Goyan and his marketing skills. We raised just over $400! Gord is surprised that we even sold the stuff we did, it’s amazing what people find valuable. President Garry wants to recognize Gord and thank him for spearheading this very worthwhile fundraiser.
Pin Recycling: Our installation ceremony is on Saturday, June 18th. If you have pins for positions you will be holding again in our upcoming year please bring them to our next meeting so Cara can recycle them at the ceremony rather than purchasing duplicates.
Ian! This is a terrible picture of me! Ahhh, vanity...
Ghana: Jo will be under the gun to get all of the reporting done, but we ended up with a surplus in our budget, so no more money will be sent. The Sunyani Club is very well connected in the world and is very well funded.
Oceanside BLT: Sunday, May 15th, 2016, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Parksville Community Park – Picnic Shelter Area
Their current WOW Bus is retiring and a new WOW bus is needed.
Join Elaine Young and the BLT team to celebrate OUR bus and the volunteer drivers, as well as learn about the new bus! They will be starting their fundraising campaign soon and want to tell you how you can help them raise funds to outfit a new bus and keep the WOW Bus program on the road.
There will be songs, stories and fun things to do!
Elaine will be there to liaise on behalf of our Club and help Don Goyan BBQ the hot dogs. Hot dogs and drinks are by donation.
Friendship Exchanges: Diana is still looking for a host for our Swedish guests from June 7 – 9, 2016. If you can host please contact Diana.
Guest Speaker:
Dave Sampson – Oceanside Auto Appraisers Ltd.
Gord Svenson introduced our guest speaker. Dave has run Oceanside Auto Appraisers for 20 years. So what is your old clunker worth?
Being a recognized appraiser is different than just your average adjuster.
An adjuster works for ICBC. You usually see them after you’ve had an accident. They look at the car to determine how much it would cost to fix your car. They are experts in analyzing damage and determining the cost of repair.
Appraisers typically look at collectable cars. They are valued on providence, rarity, and the history of the work done on the car. There are varying degrees of restoration. Some are not restored at all and have been kept in really good shape over time.
Dave’s background started in Alberta as a restorer as a hobby while he worked as a Pharmaceutical professional. He got to be known as ‘Dave the Car Guy’. He has restored and/or owned over (45) vehicles. In Edmonton they have private insurance, so you have to have your vehicle appraised to insure it. To become a recognized appraiser you have to actually restore a vehicle. In BC appraisers don’t need to be trained.
Eleven years ago Dave moved his business to Parksville. He is involved in a number of vehicle-related events and organizations including the Van Dusen car show, as a judge at the Seaside Cruisers Car Show and Jaguars on the Island. Dave also searches out cars for specialty purchases and travels around to auctions representing buyers.
A memorable appraisal was a 1912 Hudson Brass Hero that is owned in Nanaimo. The gentleman restored it himself. It has wooden wheels that he had custom made. The only windscreen is just a little piece of round glass on the drivers’ side. It was the first car to achieve 60 miles and hour.
Dave is appraising cars for Tesla motors. He travels to where the vehicles are that people want to trade in for a Tesla. Tesla has (4) models now that are all electric. It has taken him all over the Island.
He is also and active member of the Specialty Vehicle Association of BC that represents the car owners to government. The SVABC is dedicated to working with individuals, clubs and associations to preserve the vintage and collector type motor vehicle and motor cycle hobby The government is trying to get rid of old cars because they pollute. They had to put an end to that idea.
Appraisals are usually used for sale, sometimes estates, sometimes for financing, and for insurance purposes. Dave will show the value to ICBC so that they don’t give you the ‘book’ value. An appraisal provides a pictorial history for proof if the car is in an accident or stolen. Book values apply to vehicles over 7-8 years. If you try to finance a car that old through a bank they may not give it to you. They are greatly devalued because of their age. These are the cars that most of us drive (well maybe not in this room). Very average models compared to higher end vehicles are all valued the same based on age, power and fuel type. Obviously collector cars are old…but obviously they can be worth 10s if not 100s of thousands of dollars. Kept mint they can be really good return on investment.
Dave also does appraisals for school shop classes. He’ll go back after it’s been restored and appraise it again so they can sell it. He can help Major Norm out when vehicles are offered to him when a tax receipt is required.
Greg Greenshields thanked Dave and presented him with a Polio Plus certificate.
Joke of the Week: Bruce got a couple of giggles because we all pay taxes…
Sergeant-at Arms: Eric Walper thinks were all pretty good…so he’ll make up some stuff…
if you have laces in your shoes pay up…sad, hopeful, and proud dollars for Fort McMurray…Elaine has happy dollars for our amazing youth…Don Luke had a happy dollar for the SOS volunteers who knocked off 1500 tax returns this year…our first week of bottle collections made $101, the garage sale made over $400…if the 50/50 schedule doesn’t work for you go ahead and find someone to switch with, let John and Cara know…we are going to be stretched with Beach Fest too…happy dollars for Dave’s presentation…Diana wants to thank John for his vision with fundraising…Cara is away the end of May so you’re on your own…the Dunn’s had 450-480 people through their place over the weekend for the MARS garden tour…
Birthdays: Lynne Pearson – May 7
Anniversaries: None
Next Week’s Meeting: Don Goyan – Classification Talk, Carter Hancock (and mom Kim) – STEP, Deirdre Michael – Honourary Member Induction