For the 13th consecutive year, The Rotary Foundation has received the highest rating — four stars — from Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities in the U.S.

The Foundation earned the recognition for adhering to sector best practices and executing its mission in a financially efficient way, demonstrating both strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency. Only one percent of the organizations Charity Navigator evaluates have received 13 consecutive 4-star evaluations.

"Your achievement and 4-star rating will enhance your organization’s fundraising and public relations efforts,” says Michael Thatcher, president and chief executive officer of Charity Navigator. "This exceptional designation sets the Foundation apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness."

The rating reflects Charity Navigator's assessment of how the Foundation uses donations, sustains its programs and services, and practices good governance and openness.
Parksville AM Rotarians Support The Foundation
Parksville AM Rotarians were delighted to welcome District Governor, Greg Horn to their Zoom meeting on December 9, 2020. As part of his presentation, DG Horn presented a number of Paul Harris awards attained during Foundation Month in November. The Paul Harris award recognizes donations to the Rotary Foundation which turns those gifts into service projects that change lives both locally and internationally.  The following are DG Greg's remarks as he virtually acknowledged each Paul Harris Award recipients:

Since its founding in 1994, the Rotary Club of Parksville AM has donated a total of  $227,000 to the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus.  That's an astounding number for such a small club! And President Bashir El-Khalafawi tells me that this past November, your Club achieved the highest percentage of per capital giving for the whole District, the largest district in North America, consists of 93 clubs and 4400 members. I would now  like to recognize those members who helped to make this accomplishment possible.
Andrea Manson is a new member of Parksville AM, having joined in March 2020.  She took on responsibility as Co-Chair of the Membership Committee and I am pleased to present her today with a Paul Harris + 1.
Judy Elliott has been a member of Rotary since 1991.  She joined Parksville AM in 2019 at the closure of the Parksville Club.  I am pleased to present her with a Paul Harris + 2.
Cara MacDonald has been a member of Rotary since 2010.  I have been informed that she is one of the best Club Secretaries in the District.  I am happy to present her with a Paul Harris + 3.
Matt Breedlove has been a member of Rotary since 2004 and joined Parksville AM in July 2019 at the closure of the Parksville Club.  He is Chair of Community Service. I am happy to present him with a Paul Harris + 3.
Diana Matsuda has been a Rotarian since 1996 and serves as Chair of Public Image.  I am pleased to present her with a Paul Harris + 5.
Gord Svenson has been a Rotarian since 1994 and serves as Co-Chair of Club Administration.  I am pleased to present him with a Paul Harris + 5.
The last of my presentations is a Paul Harris + 8 which I am pleased to present to your Club Foundation Chair, and my Assistant Governor for Area 3, Lynne Pearson.
I understand that the Club has recently made two other Paul Harris presentations, at your Recycling fundraising sessions, and I would like to acknowledge those people as well.  Bill Rawlins, your President Elect, was presented with a Paul Harris + 5 and Deidre Michael was presented with a Paul Harris + 1.  Congratulation to all of you and thank you for your support of The Rotary Foundation.
In the 2019-20 Rotary year, Club members donated $9641 US to the Annual Fund and $5635 US to Polio Plus.  The goals for donations in the 2020-21 Rotary year are:  Annual Fund $7000 US and Polio Plus $2500 US.

Why should I donate to The Rotary Foundation?

Your donation makes a difference to those who need our help most. More than 90 percent of donations go directly to supporting our service projects around the world.

How does The Rotary Foundation use donations?

Our 35,000 clubs carry out sustainable service projects that support our six causes. With donations like yours, we’ve wiped out 99.9 percent of all polio cases. Your donation also trains future peacemakers, supports clean water, and strengthens local economies.

What impact can one donation have?

It can save a life. A child can be protected from polio with as little as 60 cents. Our partners make your donation go even further. For every $1 Rotary commits to polio eradication, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed $2.

How much of the donation goes towards the programs?

91% of donations are directly spent on programs. The Rotary Foundation has achieved a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator, the highest rating possible.

The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world.


During the past 100 years, the Foundation has spent over $3 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects. With your help, we can make lives better in your community and around the world.